REM survey: results revealed

CDPQ Infra surveyed the population during the summer of 2016, from June 1 to the end of August, to find out more about the needs and priorities of future users of the Réseau électrique métropolitain (REM).

More than 1,100 individuals took part in this online survey, which enabled our team to gather data on different aspects, such as station access or factors motivating people to use the REM. The survey was accessible online, through CDPQ Infra’s official website and was distributed more extensively on social media. The platform used for this survey was provided by MetroQuest which provides this software and interactive platform to obtain public opinion. Citizens participating in the most recent series of open houses organized by CDPQ Infra were also invited to complete the online questionnaire, on iPads provided for this purpose.

The results will be distributed on CDPQ Infra’s Facebook page and Twitter account in the week of October 10. Stay tuned!