The website aims to provide content that complies with the standards provided by the Standards sur l’accessibilité d'un site Web (SGQRI 008-01) adopted by the Québec Treasury Board.

To ensure its site is compliant, CDPQ has designed and adjusted its site in accordance with the SGQRI 008‑01 standard and commissioned a specialized firm to conduct formal, functional tests using tools indicated below.


Description of the rules put in place to ensure site compliance

  • Page titles describe page content
  • Navigation and access to all functions is possible from the keyboard
  • The navigation and presentation mechanisms are consistent from page to page
  • Content of each page is accessible via a direct link
  • Section titles show a consistent hierarchical structure
  • Text is written in plain language
  • Text is provided to replace non-text content
  • Links are labelled to facilitate navigation
  • Text can be resized to 200% without losing readability
  • Colour combinations promote better readability
  • Tables are simplified and correctly tagged
  • Language changes are correctly tagged
  • Content can be accessed in a variety of ways: menus, search engine and sitemap
  • Changing the focus or input field does not change the context
  • Colour is not used as the only way to convey information


Tools used to check compliance

  • W3C HTML validator
  • Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) screen reader using Firefox 51
  • Jaws 15 and 17 screen reader using Internet Explorer 11
  • VoiceOver screen reader using Safari on a Mac
  • Color Contrast Analyser, version 1.5
  • Manual analysis of text and process comprehension
  • Modules for Firefox: Firebug, version 2.0.18; Web Developer Toolbar, version 1.2.12; HeadingsMap, version 2.1.1; NoSquint Plus, version 45.1.0


May 2017