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Audit of REM Safety Certification Management Systems - 01-8003-PJREM-DEI

As part of the implementation of the Réseau express métropolitain project (the " REM ”), Projet REM seeks, through this request for expression of interest (the " Request for Expression of Interest "), to identify corporations interested in providing Projet REM with audit services of the REM safety certification management systems (in each case a "Corporation" and collectively the "Corporations"). The summary description of the services is given in Section 2 "Scope of Services".

A request for proposals (“Request for Proposals”) will be transmitted to the Corporations which have expressed their interest in participating to the process by filing a Declaration of Interest (as this term is defined in Section 4) within the time period provided for in Section 5 and which have satisfied Projet REM’s eligibility requirements relating to conflicts of interests.

Publication date


Addenda 01 of the Request for Expression of Interest - Audit of REM Safety Certification Management Systems - 01-8003-PJREM-DEI-ADD01

Modification date
25-08-2022 - 11h30

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