Editorial policy

Netiquette for social media

CDPQ Infra wishes discussions on all of its online platforms to be respectful. Please follow these good conduct rules, especially for social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube).

Be respectful

To foster communication and discussion, we ask that your comments be respectful so we can maintain a pleasant, courteous and constructive atmosphere.

Inappropriate comments

When we see that a comment reflects behaviour that we judge to be inappropriate (e.g. remarks that are offensive, defamatory, harassing, aggressive or discriminatory; personal attacks; vulgar, obscene or malicious language; copy-pasting on multiple posts; spamming or trolling), we reserve the right to delete that comment.

Promotional comments

Our objective is to exchange with citizens and answer questions about CDPQ Infra and its various projects. We ask you not to use our social networks to promote personal, professional or political projects.


Discussions may expand and become unrelated to the initial discussion or to CDPQ Infra and its projects. We reserve the right to remove these exchanges that are beyond the scope of our organization and possibly move them to a future discussion.

Questions received on social media

We pay close attention to all your contributions. While we respond to the vast majority of questions sent to us, we may occasionally miss some comments. If you miss something, please send us a private message or email us at [email protected].

We reserve the right to ban users who repeatedly fail to respect our netiquette.